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Room Wanted

You are looking to rent a room or several rooms in a shared property (a house/apartment etc.) or you have been appointed to act on behalf of the would be tenant. The room(s) acquired need to paid for at an agreed rental sum on stipulated dates.

Before committing yourself, try to get from the owner the conditions and terms for occupying the rooms. Pay particular attention to clauses within the terms that relate to payment of deposit and how that deposit is refunded when you leave the property. You need also to be aware of clauses dealing with advanced payments, annual rental increments if any. Also check period of notice to give should you decide to move out of the property and the procedures to take when the tenancy agreement expires or is terminated such as paying and closing of utilities accounts.

Ensure the terms are documented, signed, witnessed and can legally be enforced in court of law. Some of the information you may want to request from the owner can include the rental amount and how it is to be paid, what is included and excluded such as water, electricity etc. what is offered in those rooms e.g., furnished or unfurnished, self-contained, room size, location of property, access to transport, the general house maintenance.

Do not make assumptions about your responsibilities as regard to tenancy, put it on record of what you are required to do in the event of certain occurrences. Well this is not so straight forward but if some rooms are already occupied, ask the owner about the occupants, what they do for a living and generally their behaviour. You may just be luck to get a hint that suggests you search elsewhere.

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