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For Sale - House/Flat

You are the owner of a property e.g., a house, Flat, office building. You have been appointed to act on behalf of the owner to manage a property or several properties. The circumstances have changed and the owner would like to dispose off the property.

If this is your first attempt to dispose off your property, consider getting as much information from relevant authorities as you can possibly could.

The change of ownership and the sum received from sale depending on the circumstances may attract fees and taxes. Proof of ownership in most cases is demanded in such transactions.

However, if the transaction is conducted by a professional in this field then your worry may be minimised. Care need to be taken when choosing such a ‘professional’.

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Placing a FREE advert

1. Click Add Advert button - top right screen 2. Complete fields

a. Tick terms checkbox, b. Enter phone number, c. Select town where your advert should be appearing, d. Type advert message, e. Select Free Advert, f. Click Submit (Allow 4-5 hours for the ad to appear), 3. By email.

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