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Electronic Reservation Manual download


Simplicity is the Key!

Several reservation applications are offered on Internet, why add more?

Individuals need choices. Just like on clothes, a variety to choose from is offered. The choice which may be dictated by environment in which one lives, nature of his/her job or some occasion demanding wearing a certain attire. The implementation of this project is partly dictated by environment, in its simplicity users can alter it to suit their needs and preferences since the code is available and supports different installation scenarios.

The world is connected, no need to confine yourself in an office and wait to make a reservation. You also want to observe what is happening to your reservations while on the move. Additionally, you may get calls while you are out of your official working station but still have access to your Application. My guess you don’t want to miss any opportunity.

The network speed and data connectivity in most African countries not only comes at a price but ranges from stable on a good day, intermittent on those times you want to use it to nightmare when you really want urgent scheduled tasks to be done as interconnected systems make demands on under-funded data infrastructure. Non-inclusion of complex features to ERD other than the bare essentials reduces the demands on those resources. Hence, ‘Simplicity is the Key’.

You live in an environment without the above constraints? It is a bonus for you. Support the Application and reap the benefit of speed and reduced cost.

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