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Accommodation (shelter - traditional definifition) in any form is very important as it falls under basic human needs. However, we will try to move away from the traditional definition and focus on accommodation meant to meet the taste and satisfaction of an individual or group of individuals in varying circumstances. The focus is on residential houses and flats used for longterm and shortterm stay. Alternative accommodation for short stays while on tour or in transit before reaching final destination which is usually provided by hotels, lodges, guesthouses, campsites and some house owners willing to offer their residences to others on sharing basis.

The links at the top provide easy access to accommodation categories. The classification places houses and flats for either sale or rent by individuals and companies wishing to dispose off their property. Sub-letted houses and flats to offer rooms in return for rentals.

Short term stay is grouped under hotels, lodges, guesthouses.

Individuals have different preferences, accommodation no exception therefore, my advice to those wishing to place adverts is to ensure you provide all relevant, accurate and precise information to guide would be client to arrive at an informed decision.

While mobile technology has simplified our ways of life, please add as much information as you possibly could such as physical addresses of the property you are offering in the advert other than the email or cell phone number only.

To the would be clients, always exercise due care when dealing with individuals who you are not familiar with. In doubt, consultation with relevant authorities as part of taking extra precaution would not be a bad idea.

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Placing a FREE advert

1. Click Add Advert button - top right screen 2. Complete fields

a. Tick terms checkbox, b. Enter phone number, c. Select town where your advert should be appearing, d. Type advert message, e. Select Free Advert, f. Click Submit (Allow 4-5 hours for the ad to appear), 3. By email.

Categories to View or Post adverts:

ACCOMMODATION: Rooms to Let, Rooms Wanted, Houses & Flats to Let, Houses & Flats for Sale, Hotel & Lodges.

JOBS: Jobs Offered, Jobs Wanted.

SERVICES: Tutor Wanted, Tuition Provider, Other Services.

SALE: For Sale, Item to Buy. EVENTS: Daily & Weekly Events, Lost & Found. Feedback most welcome.

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